Habanero Cupcakes Recipe – The Vegan Cupcake Project

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These vegan habanero cupcakes are just a figment of my imagination, come to life. Plato’s Habanero Infused Olive Oil http://www.platosoliveoil.com/ Find me: …


swordsman1600 says:

Seems like you could try adding some crushed habenero, into the cake mixture as well as the frosting. That would certainly make it much hotter and perhaps more habenero tasting, if you want to go with that angle.

curryuscook says:

Made these tonight… Awesome!! I didn’t have the oil so I made my own.

Nandinatha says:

I just found your channel yesterday and I absolutely love you! You are so bubbly and fun in a very natural way. Your recipes are SO yummy looking and I am definitely going to try some of them. Thank you!

regiskye says:

Great video! Look delicious! U r a very positive person,  congrats.

veronica linley says:

the color of that icing really compliments those cupcakes. and they look very good

Sheila Mehd says:

Do we have to use shortening?

justxide says:

hi, just wanted to say thanks for this recipe, made this muffins today (without icing/topping), the taste is really unique and I really, really love them!

Ladypolroger says:

We really loved the icing you made!

Linda Ulvund says:

OMG you are soo cute!:D Love your channel!

maby2980 says:

the best part is the bluppers. lol 

Carlen Schmidt says:

These cupcakes look so pretty!

Bill St. Michael says:

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virgingirl26 says:

looks good but was it spicy hot or just a little heat to it. Lmao this is cool to do a prank on my brothers greedy ass.

dudafofis13 says:

Looks yummy!

lourdes4 says:

You are awesome, I love the bloopers at the end!

MKHira84 says:

Haha your funny! :-)

mayragmez says:

hehehe it’s gonna engulf your face. Ur expressions are priceless <3 luv ya!

MagicTurtle643 says:

I really want to taste one of those. I think I’d love it.

mspoetic247 says:

That would be perfect for Michigan right now with all coldness!

Angela Wicks says:

I could eat that icing alone…looks soooo good!

migrantchick says:

I love watching you. You rock vegan sweety, greetings from vegan australian living in holland

veglifechannel says:

nice cupcakes but red color is not vegan :-(

Brat Wurst says:

I love your videos, greetings from Germany!

FoodDeconstructed says:

We’re a huge fan of sweet/spicy desserts (especially when chocolate is involved) so we find this particularly appealing. Plus, the fact that it’s vegan means I can make it for my newly vegan dad for his birthday.

MrsLillyBanks says:

no applesauce? looks good!

Lauren Hirsch says:

that frosting looks amazing!

polarbearcoke2 says:

hey,amazing videos. i was wondering if you could make a vegan calzone?

RainyDarkForest says:

Wonderful! Do you have any recipes for low glycemic frosting? Like maybe with agave or coconut sugar? I’d be interested in that.

SimplyBakings says:

Hahaha! You’re so cute!

missmary333 says:

I don’t love heat so the “habanero” scared me a bit, but I feel like I would like these anyway. Maybe it’s cuz you’re so endearing! Those bloopers were sweet!

MyKeturah says:

I wish we were buddies!

MyKeturah says:

You’re so sweet. Thanks for the videos, u brighten my day

iamEatingRight says:

Looks yummy - I like spicy and sweet

Connie Jackson says:

Can’t watch this. You talk too fast. Too, too, too fast.

CheapGourmae says:

You continue to surprise me….. Looks delicious. I recently tried you apple fritters they were a ht with my whole family. Thank you or that! Question: do you think you can make a vegan version of a Philly cheesesteak sandwich?

mnelson2008 says:

You’re amazing…so fun to watch, delicious recipes…thanks for posting!!!

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